Handcrafted with Love

We are a family-owned, female-led company. Our passion for healthy living and love for delicious things resulted in creating flavors you can’t live without.

Why Mama Bear? It’s simple because we are dedicated to bringing you and your family the highest quality handcrafted syrups that we use in our own family every day. All 8 of our kiddos love all 3 of our flavors!


original flavors

simple ingredients



Why Elderberries?


This is a very good question. Besides the delicious taste, studies have shown that the elderberries are extremely healthy, containing powerful antioxidants and vitamins. We are committed to bringing to you only the best. Because of that, you will never find in our syrups any artificial ingredients such as thickening agents, preservatives, or colors. Our syrups are proudly handcrafted in Cleveland, OH.


“Rachel is passionate about helping families live healthy lives. She is super helpful and I highly recommend her products.”

Jessica Gee Backus

“Elderberry the kids actually enjoy taking!”

Janessa Jasany LaFontaine

  1. “We love the other flavors, and this was our first time trying Ginger. I think we’ve found a new favorite! Delicious.”

Amy C.