Seriously Great Taste With a Punch of Health



Our syrups are made with simple natural ingredients without artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or thickening agents. We use only real elderberries, (not from concentrate!) locally sourced honey, and fresh spices.

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving 

“I and my daughter loves the flavor of your elderberry! She always asks for more! Thanks again”
Melina Lara Dutra

“After trying other brands of elderberry syrup and even the gummies, we were so happy to have found Mama Bear! This is the ONLY one my 4 kids don’t mind taking daily. It truly gives our immune systems the boost it needs!”


Best Elderberry ever! Highly recommend especially if you don’t think you like elderberry… We didn’t either until this brand! 

Janessa Lafontaine

“Mama Bear Syrup offers great products with delicious flavors! I love them all & my family’s favorite is lavender. YUM! Thank you, Mama Bear Syrup!!”

Amy C